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Originally Posted by Cinocard View Post
I guess Kenichi will put up a fight, but winning against a full pledge master right now seems impossible, even with the guidance of Kaname's grandfather . He already had great trouble with someone between a master and a disciple.
This I agree with. Kenichi will probably put up a good fight against that sword master but it might come down to Freya's grandfather to show why he is revired. I am also wondering what his wrist guards are made up of. I know that those wrist guards once belong to the Elder's son, so I am wondering what they are made up that they can take so much damage. Remember in the last arc Kenichi was hit full force by an axe and not cut into two due to those things protecting him at that time.

One more thing, but do we start referring to Freya as Kaname or do we still call her by her Fist name?
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