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Atleast we are getting somewhat a sequel, unlike all the fandiscs that were made in the last few years. But it's a sequel to the first one, but whatever. Atleast it's something new rather than the back and side stories of the characters of the 2nd game series.
I have read a half page article about D.C.III in the november issue of Comptiq, but there was hardly any usefull info in it.
And I have some mixed feelings about the new character designs, it's kinda refreshing to see something new but i liked the designs of D,C.II better. The new characters look much younger than the heroines from the previous games (there are exceptions, but i meant the overall look)

ediT: forgot to mention in the issue of comptiq there was a poster of Hinamoto Aoi in gymclothes and on the back of the poster a small manga about her. Also on the poster it said Heroine's profile #2, eventhough i am not sure if they meant if she is considered to be the 2nd main heroine or the 2nd revealed heroine.

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