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ediT: forgot to mention in the issue of comptiq there was a poster of Hinamoto Aoi in gymclothes and on the back of the poster a small manga about her. Also on the poster it said Heroine's profile #2, eventhough i am not sure if they meant if she is considered to be the 2nd main heroine or the 2nd revealed heroine.
This is just a series of features running in Comptiq (there is a similar feature running in Dengeki G's). Every month they feature a different heroine, presumably leading up to the release of the game.

Speaking of magazine revelations, this month's Dengeki G's revealed that Minatsu will be making a re-appearance. In Dengeki Hime, there's also a silhouette of Yuzu, and one other character that I should be able to recognize but I don't.

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Anyway, I am waiting for another Shirakawa girl (with or without their "family" magic ability) to appear in Da Capo 3 .
There's a character, Mikoto, being designed with user-input in Dengeki G's, and though they haven't given a last name, she looks a lot like she might be a Shirakawa (or related). We'll see...

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Took at peek at the character page.
Since where was 1 in DC1, 2 in DC2, I expected 3 in DC3 (1 older, 1 twin, 1 younger!)...
The ??? should have red hair...
The ??? is the protagonist (Kiyotaka Yoshino). And in a way there are "sort of" three siblings, but none of them are actual siblings. Charles is a cousin ("like an older sister"), Himeno is a childhood friend (so they're "like siblings"), and Aoi is a single child who always wanted a brother so starts calling the protagonist Onii-chan. So it kind of is one older, one the same age, and one younger, just that in this case none of them are actually siblings at all.
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