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Originally Posted by Balzac View Post
So how does this connect to the first Da Capo? Like is the protagonist another son of Sakura/Junichi or something? This is the first time I've heard of a true "sequel" in the works.
I sort of alluded to it in the original post, but it's an "alternate reality" to D.C. II, where instead of Junichi having chosen Nemu (back in the original D.C. timeframe), Junichi instead chose Sakura. So as a result, a number of things have changed, including of course the main characters (Otome and Yume don't exist in this dimension since they're descendants of Nemu & Junichi, neither does Yoshiyuki for spoiler story reasons, but instead we have Kiyotaka and Charles Yoshino, presumed descendants of Sakura & Junichi). I don't know if the exact year will be the same as D.C. II or slightly different, but the overall timeframe should be the same (i.e. two generations or about 50 years after the original D.C.).

Edit: NOTE that this was written based on preliminary information before the game's release, and thus contains some speculation that was later proven incomplete/inaccurate.

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