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A fun option on the homepage is that when you move the mouse over the characters image you will see a section on what the other character's think of that person .

For example, everyone's opinion about Kiyotaka:

Rikka: Frankly, He's the man whom destiny united me with from a past life. When I first saw him I thought "Ah, it's him!"
Charles: I will live from now on al~ways together with Taka-kun ~. Can't I?
Himeno: Recently, I think he's been surrounded by Rikka-san and Charles-san and too deredere around them. Not that it matters to me ...
Sara: You can basically rely on him, but he has also many unpleasant traits.
Aoi: My dream brother! Ah, but, but maybe I'm glad that he's not my real brother.
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