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Originally Posted by Xagzan View Post
Eyepatch moe? No if she had kept it she would've been eyepatch badass. I kind of wish she had too, but she's still looking better than ever. No more ditzy moe fake personality.

Hah, I noticed that right off the bat too. Truly delicious. Fumito being a stand in of sorts for Ishihara just made things that much more awesome in my book.

Edit: Just watched the trailer. Now THAT looks like a proper Blood story. It's what I expected the show to be when I first heard of it, but alas. And the animation quality looks even more amazing than the show, which I guess is understandable.
I agree with ALL of this. Seriously.

Although I don't see why Saya is back in a schoolgirl uniform. I know it's a staple of the franchise, but still, wasn't this Saya never really a student? Plus it doesn't even look like her fake school's uniform.
The only 2 possible explanations I can think of is that maybe either A) it was the only new outfit she could find that's easy to move around in or B) she chose it to blend in (or possibly a combo of both). If it isn't for one of those reasons, then I really can't see why they put her in a sailor uniform.

Keeping with the series' trademark items is an okay-ish excuse, but it would be just that -- an excuse.

Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
Hey, don't knock it. That picture in the OP is the best thing to have come out of the Blood-C franchise so far!
It will be the best thing to ever come out of the Blood-C franchise.
I could possibly agree if both Fumito and Saya's hands and Saya's head didn't fail to be proportionate with the rest of their bodies...
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