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Galaxy Angel PC Game: Update From Broccoli

Um, holy crap. Possibly one of the biggest pieces of niche-Japanese-game-to-English news since the release of Katamari Damacy:

Company O still plans on releasing Galaxy Angel, but since there’s a lot of text, they’re looking for a production house that can translate the game.

I haven’t played the game (just saw the opening which Mari Iijima soundtrack), so I don’t know how much text there is. But these type of adventure games have a lot of text, I s’pose.

Of course the Galaxy Angel II game was delayed in Japan too, so that’s how it goes for Galaxy Angel.

We’d like to know how many people out there are looking forward to seeing Galaxy Angel video game being released in the US.

President Kaname has a dream of bringing more of these otaku games to the US (he has lots of friends in the moe business). He’d take a poll if he could.

So… even though we have yet to clean up the new Broccoli forum, maybe you guys can give us your input there.
I bolded the really important part.

They're checking on interest for one of the most unique non-ero dating sim games ever (it's equal part dating and Homeworld, which may be the greatest combination ever). What are you people still reading this for?! Go forth! Let them know! We want our proper Milfie!
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