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We already discuss this with Broccoli not long ago. We [my group site] already come with it for the next mid-flight 2007.

Our PH does translation for wide-range of languages. The last input order were givent to us is translation from English-French. English-Japanese translation might easy, but since this is not a normal translation but a widescreen translation for an enitre game, we might have a translation that differ with the real meaning.

As for Galaxy Angel II, Broccoli switched its release in 3rd quarter of 2007. This is due to translation and they may release with voice prints of English stars. For PC games, both these games are released for compatible PC game as well as PS2 console.

Every fans of Galaxy Angel series are hoped to keep patience with enw information to come. As a leader of the group, I say thanx for such topic...

Hope this'll help...
Reika Tsukishima

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