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Originally Posted by Rias View Post
-Maid in Heaven. Where did it go?
I've seen Maid in Heaven mentioned elsewhere as well; could someone please explain what it it?

Originally Posted by SnEptUne View Post
On the other hand, the fight scene in the mountain is unrealistic. Firstly, how can they not figured out that's Keichi's voice? Why didn't they notice the difference between voices of some teenager and of their group members?

Secondly, being a professional agents, they cannot even spot traps? It is excusable for the first 10 minutes or so because they underestimated the traps, but when they are being cautious, how could they not notice the pure white dress and hat of Rena standing so close to them, or the red shirt of Keiichi? And geez, why are the kids still wear the same bright clothings instead of camouflage in a mountain? They are asking to be shot!
I was quite disappointed by that as well. Having five schoolkids defeat dozens of military special forces personnel breached my suspension of disbelief. Before watching this episode I had guessed that the Yamainu would get neutralized by the Banken; seeing them getting taken out the way they were instead made them look like clowns. I hope that the last episode will make up for this.
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