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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
Believe it or not, but trap can take down any kind of person, child or adult alike, even if they are supposed to be "professional".
While the fact Satoko can do so much traps can be questionable, traps themselves are obviously not something to laugh at. The wicked parts of these is the psychological impact of these, because even if you lose the edge of the surprise, being overcautious can make you miss the obvious.

As shown in this ep and minagoroshi, they baltantly portrayed the yamainu as a conceit soldier forces, which obviously lead to chaos if they didn't have sufficient preparations.
In a way, the struggle is on the same scale of Minagoroshi, where the club members could take down the 4 yamainu guys by themselves.
You'd expect them to be better at spotting and evading traps. Besides, the fact that some of them deserted their units after simply hearing a scary voice on the radio was rather hard to swallow; these men should be trained to charge enemies firing upon them, so them having such little discipline seems quite odd.

As for Minagoroshi, the Yamainu that got ambushed didn't expect to encounter any resistance, so that was a bit more realistic. After that happened I'm guessing that Takano wanted to kill the group herself, so that might explain why the Yamainu didn't attack the group.
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