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Hey guys! did you ever say to yourself, "boy, i wish i can be part of the "never say" gang, but I'm not funny and/or lack the balls to do it." Now you can! With this new product from Nambla Inc! You can have the satirical wit of pepsi, and the comical genius of slade without all the effort! How is this possible??!??! Its so simple, even a 8 year old can do it! Well he should, because we cominded 2nd grade humor with the idiot- proof method of "paint by numbers"! Its soooooo easy to use, that the use of it is easy!!!!!!1111!1 But dont take my word for it, try this sample out for size!
If you're not getting laid at least twice a day and/or signing sitcom contracts, we guarantee %100 of your cash will not go back to you!!!!
Read right to left, you American bastards

to order the first volume, or to view more samples, go to

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