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LOL! Keeping it real Pathy-san!
I forgot Lee's Leaf protector thingy! Curse my short-term memory loss!

Kiba Ya know if I didn't have a dog right now, I'd be getting all the pussy!
Ino Well that's too bad because Lee over here tells me that he gets lots. Must be that flask he keeps in his suit.
Hinata Is that what it is? Damn and here I was thinking about making malevolent bunnies that eat your furniture. Or Naruto, your call.

Pathy I saw this picture and for some reason Sasuke popped into my head. Being the evil jumpsuit bunny that he is!

I don't know though...
it'd be more like Itachi cooking endangered animals just to piss off those Leaf animal activists.
Which Shika happens to a part of on the side. Love those fuzzy animels!
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