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Originally Posted by Burden View Post
Never is not constantly! Mikoto hasn't technically lost to anyone but Kamijou and possibly Accelerator (fight never finished but we would have known the result). That's 24 novels of plot armor! I still have to hold the opinion that "Level 5" is just not a legitimate excuse to never lose given all the cheating insufferable bastards in-series. Well, luckily, Kamachi hasn't opened this can of worms and has decided it more prompt to keep her out of plot-driving battles in Kamijou's story.
In those 24 volumes, how much focus was being put on Mikoto? You make it sound like she had been busy all that time but that's not true is it? How many incidents was she directly involved that require her to fight?

Both of you keep using the term plot armor but I don't think you know what it means. To use the television trope example:

If Superman survives a bullet to the eye, that's just him using his powers. Superman is Nigh Invulnerable. If Indiana Jones does, that's plot armor.
Having not get involved in a serious fight to begin with, is not plot armor.
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