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Originally Posted by Burden View Post
It's plot armor exactly because her abilities are inadequate to survive the Toaru universe. Sure she isn't a PIVOTAL point of the plot but, given her in-story desires to get more involved but getting shafted each time by Kamachi (God), is giving her plot armor.
Now you're just making up rules on the spot.

You say her abilities are 'inadequate to survive' yet she has persevered through a number of incidents. If you're saying she can't survived the most dangerous of incidents, then I guess countless other characters have plot armor as well right? Hamazura has plot armor then.

Hamazura was injured, but never seriously injured.

Originally Posted by Burden View Post
What Acer and I are discussing is the situation in which the Mikoto vs Brunhild fight happens and Mikoto wins because she's Mikoto. Given the way her role in-universe has been it is what will likely happen.
So you've already decided that no matter what she do, you're going to call it plot armor?
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