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^You mean the port that we were talking about for the last few posts prior to yours?

Anyway, school mode sounds interesting, but what I'm REALLY hoping for is an extra mode that has the casts of BOTH games interacting with each other. Now, THAT would be awesome. Imagine seeing both the slim and fat Togami hanging out with each other. Or an epic wrestling match between Sakura and Nidai. Maybe Leon and Mioda can start a rock band together or something. Meanwhile, both Naegi and Hinata would listen to one of Komaeda's spiels about hope/despair and will both nod as they silently agree with each other: This dude is creepy as f***.

Ah, but enough of my little fanfic rambling. Anyway, while a Vita port of the first 2 games is nice, I'm still more interested in news of a new game altogether.....
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