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Originally Posted by Traece View Post
My understanding is that it's not just a port, but a remake. As to the extent of that remake, I have no idea. It seems clear that we'll be seeing a slightly improved version of Dangan Ronpa at the very least.

The issue with assuming that it will flop, is that it's not guaranteed that it even will. Danga Ronpa has been getting a pretty big audience for the anime from what I can gauge, and there seems to be a clear opinion that the anime is doing a terrible job of adapting it. Even if the adaptation wasn't poor people would still flock to the source material. In this case the adaptation is poor, and droves of Dangan Ronpa players are running around emphasizing just how poor it is and how great the game is and that everyone should play it instead. I wouldn't be surprised if the original Dangan Ronpa was a hot item right now. That's pretty normal stuff as far as consumers go.

The Japanese version of the remakes are supposed to hit this year. I believe within the vicinity of the anime ending? That works in their favor rather nicely. I don't know much about Japanese markets and their consumers, so I can't really wager on whether or not it would sell well. I would assume it would see decent sales.

As for whether it well sell in the U.S., that's a harder question to answer. The U.S. wont see a translated copy of Dangan Ronpa this year, and by that time the anime will have ended a whole season prior at the least. By that time they'll have lost buzz generated by the anime (kudos to them for doing such a hideous job of marketing, by the way) and since they wont really have much capability of advertising it I suspect sales will largely hinge on word of mouth.

No matter what they do though, it's not a game that would appeal to a large Western audience. Most gamers wouldn't play what is essentially a novel. If they could get it on the front page of the PS Store on release, however, and get all of those people praising and adoring the game for being such an amazing thing alongside it... It would maybe sell just well enough? The chances of that happening are slim though, in my mind.
Remake makes little sense...
Though if its really as you said and its a remake then there is a probability of it being dangan ronpa 1.2.

Note 1.2 is not an updated version but both games combined to one with the addition of a school life mode.
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