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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Define 'sizable tribe.' Tribes don't need to be thousands of people, so their presence not being visible on a world is no real surprise.
I envision a "tribe" as a people large enough that they can intermarry only among each other without inbreeding.

Basically, a group so large that they start to have their own unique cultural identity.

As I imagine is the case with the Lu Rushe Tribe.

The Scyra are probably space-faring rather than confining themselves to one planet. At the very least, they cannot be as seclusive as the Lu Rushe, since they are archaeologists.

A culture devoted primarily to archaeology as a profession, rather than hunting or gathering, cultivating or herding? How would they support themselves? The primary business of a culture is first of all to feed its people, and second of all to defend themselves. Not to hunt for relics of the past.

Basically, the Scrya don't sound like a self-sustaining people, but rather more like a family business.

Doesn't have to be something so emotional. Could be simple "a child of the tribe, not a child of one" tribal mentality.
Then why did Yuuno say "I was always alone from the start" as though that weren't normal?

And he says that he was raised by the Clan because he didn't have parents. A direct cause-and-effect correlation, not two unconnected facts.

He did NOT say, "In my clan, all children are raised by everyone."

Again, this could be tribal mentality rather than Yuuno being abandoned. Just that Yuuno didn't really mesh well with that mentality.
Even if you're right about communal parentage and about Yuuno being an oddball, would that really prevent Yuuno from forming childhood friendships with other children his own age?

No, I really think that there just were no other children his own age for Yuuno to befriend. Nanoha at least had Arisa and Suzuka, and Chrono apparently had Amy, Accous and Charim.

Would also have a high chance of him developing a fear of lost logia. At any rate it would make him extremely cautious around them, something he did not show in S1. Unlikely.
Was Chrono afraid of the Wolkenritter or Book of Darkness?

And caution is something you can't afford when the Jewel Seeds are already on the loose. But was it really wise to travel all alone to a strange planet where he could not use magic openly, in order to take on all 21 Jewel Seeds by himself?

Rather than caution, that seems to indicate a great deal of concern for the damage Lost Logia can do if not immediately sealed away. Just as Chrono had strong motivation to seal the Book of Darkness away as quickly as possible.
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