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Originally Posted by ZeroIchiNi View Post
Not sure if you notice this but I posted this weeks before you showed up here

Since there is basically no family tree for Yuuno. Anything goes.
I saw, and yes, anything can go.

But while that idea is possible, it's not very likely. It's also very sensational, and I think Yuuno is interesting enough without having to pull a surprise twist. Because which, I'm afraid of the backlash from those who don't like him, who might accuse me of trying to make him too important.

Anyway, as someone else pointed out, the DNA test they ran on Vivio didn't turn up any living relatives, so Yuuno isn't related to her at all. Though they might belong to the same ethnicity, which would cover their similar coloration.

But, the royal families of the time were heavily into genetically modifying themselves and their heirs. I don't think breeding for "no shooting/bombardment talent at all" would have been considered favorable.

Though it's possible that he was a genetic failure in that regard.

And yes, it is possible that someone tucked him away in a cryo-pod as a baby, and that the Scyra Tribe found him, gave him their name, and raised him as their own.

Though in that case, I think at least one of them would have directly adopted him as their own personal child.
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