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There are a variety of ways to perform archeology. One can simply touch down and study an area, not taking anything from the site. More intrusive studies take everything of archaeological value. Since this means you will essentially be digging up a plot of land, it's likely permission is required should this land belong to someone. Most land dug up in our world does, so archaeologists have to receive permission virtually every time.

In the case of the Nanohaverse, there is a great chance of archaeologists stumbling on live and dangerous weaponry as well. Given that this puts the lives of many in danger, it seems logical that permission would be required before surveys can be conducted.

Given the vast amount of space Mid Childa alone already has that is ripe for archeology, it is possible the Scrya clan as a whole received permission to perform archeology, rather than increase the bureaucratic load of approving each and every plot they research. Though this is not the way archeology usually works.

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