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Officially = someone in charge makes a statement
Technically = the rules make a statement
Effectively = actions make a statement that may or may not be consistent with what the rules or boss says.

Yuuno is officially still a character, technically still an important figure, and effectively vanished from the face of the world.

I generally don't think about what he's doing in Force, because it doesn't feel like anything he could be doing would make sense with his character. Not after he sat out all of the danger in StrikerS, which is a gross mischaracterization.

Even now, if he could do nothing else in Force, he could be helping the heroes with his powers of instant teleportation, deploying them instantly where needed, removing them from danger when things got bad, and even jumping into battle to suicidally grab a Huckebein and teleport them away where the Huck can't hurt anyone.

Because that's the kind of guy that Yuuno is, all arguments of "just a librarian" be damned. A simple scholar wouldn't have had such a comprehensive set of combat spells at age 9. It's like saying that Nanoha should retire because she can't be a mother and a fighter at the same time.

I'm more willing to think about what Yuuno's doing in ViVid, because it's not a life-or-death situation where his absence would count as a mark against his character.

However, there's absolutely no chance of an "unsafe" male character appearing in that Single Gender World. Zafira got a pass because he's older than dirt, a father figure, a familiar rather than a human, at least half wolf, and none of the girls are Kokonoe Rin.

No one's asked Yuuno to explain anything since StrikerS, despite the fact that he's still the most qualified person to do so. I'd be thrilled to tears if Els Tamin turns out to have recieved training from the man as a fellow Boundary Mage, but I'm not holding my breath.

Originally Posted by Lycodrake View Post
...Yuuno Scrya the Digger? *insert diabolical laughter*
"Your's is the chain that will bind the heavens!"

"Your's is the shield that will support the heavens!"

"Your's is the divination will reveal the heavens!"

"Your's is the field that will rule the heavens!"

There are number of possibilities for him. He's a lighthouse, a tower, a fortress, and a shield.
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