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Dynasty Warriors 8

Dynasty Warriors 8 was teased earlier in the year as being the most highly anticipated Koei game which many guessed that it was Dynasty Warriors 8. Turns out they were right!

Anyway, so far they've confirmed to have more than 70 characters playable and new additions include Li Dian, Yue Jin, and a new Wu General so far. Sadly no Wen Yang announcement but I'm sure they're just saving Jin's Zhao Yun for last since he's the best warrior Jin has.

Though I worry that they'll drag their feet about Late Era Wu vs Jin battles like they did by stalling at Wu Zhang plains being the end game for 5 main line games in a row.

Apparently it's only 40% done so many more new characters may still get in!

Another note, yes! Yue Jin! Now they just need Yu Jin and they will finally have the entire roster of Wei's Five Elite Generals!

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