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Thanks for the notice.

The following new anti-spam rule is in effect:

Posts made by the default Yenc poster (=what you get when you don't change the settings) will now be considered spam if there are more than 10 posts in 24 hours and the posts do not contain split files (.001, .002 etc).

This user is pretty much only using RAR files, so all posts he made were marked as spam (=hidden).

For legit usenet posters: the easiest way not to get caught by this anti-spam rule is to simply change the default Yenc poster settings. Alternatively post your fansubs and other media as split files, there really isn't an excuse to use RAR files except for large file collections (not relevant for fansubs - always post multiple episodes individually). Extra compression hardly works on AVI/MKV and the maybe 1-2 MB saved does not weigh up to the extra post-processing downloaders need to do with RAR files.
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