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I really don't see what was the problem with Kira in Destiny since he never lost his mind unlike most characters and had his own rules when fighting (he would only kill his enemy if civilians would die, that's why he killed Stella and later tried to murder Durandal). In fact, Kira was more of a supporting character rather than a main character as he kept aiding Cagalli, Athrun and Lacus (to the point he even gains respect from Orb soldiers) and he never comes to hate an opponent. (it kind of reminds me to Quattro in Zeta, my favorite version of Char)
The real problem is the difference in portrayal between main and side characters in Destiny. It's not really about the characters themselves being flawed, but it was more of writing + direction problem.

If the character is more of a supporting character, then treat it like one. This is actually becomes very apparent after episode 34. For example, Quattro and Amuro also appear in Zeta. Even though the show spend quite a bit of time for them (and Quattro being a prominent figure for the series itself), there were never any doubt that Kamille was the star or main protagonist of the show.

This is the problem with how they deal with Shinn. You can't help to feel like rooting for a lost cause whenever you see him fighting against Kira and co. (especially after he got Destiny)
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