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Tripfag claimed the majority of the popular games on the DS were either ports of remakes. I laughed at his claim. He tried to back his claims up by saying there were only 2 original IPs in the Metacritic's DS top 10. I also helpfully pointed out that there was one enhanced port and that the rest were sequels, disproving his point that, if one were to go by Metacritic as an indicator of popularity, the majority of popular DS games were either ports or sequels. I then suggested that if one were to go by sales, Tripfag's claim would still be proven false. He didn't seem to believe me, so I threw the wall of text above at him.
I was asking for original games. You counted games like Tetris DS and Animal Crossing: Wild World as "sequels", despite the fact that most of those games play exactly like their predecessors. and if you want to looks at original IPs:

* Nintendogs - New IP
* Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! - New IP
* Big Brain Academy - New IP
* English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Skills! - New IP
* Cooking Mama - New IP
* Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day - New IP
* Common Sense Training - New IP
* Professor Layton and the Curious Village - New IP
* Mario Hoops 3-on-3 - New Mario IP
* Super Princess Peach - New Mario IP
* Love and Berry DS Collection - New IP
* Spectrobes - New IP
Hardly system sellers. Most wouldn't even count as games.
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