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I'm not too familiar with how to ascertain the reliability of an online vendor, actually, since I only use a few really well known ones.

Basically, from what I can tell, CyberPower has crap ratings on epinions, good ratings on resellerratings, and there's a lot of debate over what that means, accusations of resellerratings not being neutral, Cyberpower ownders wondering what the fuss is about, etc... I don't even know what to make of it.

As to power supply... well, the big issue I think the cheapest thing I actually recognize is the Corsair 650 watt unit, which is probably a good idea if you plan to upgrade to a CPU or GPU with a high power draw later but overkill for what you're proposing (I think I have the 750 watt version of this unit in my dad's PC actually, but that's because we got a good deal). Granted, overkill is GOOD when it comes to building reliable components, but the $101 price for this upgrade sounds a bit steep.

I will say that you'll need to order at less the 500 watt Apevia to get the system running. I will warn, however, that when I worked as a computer tech for a bit cheap PSUs failing was one of our more common problems. In light of this I'd suggest that it might be prudent to move to a midrange unit. Based on the $70 price tag and Newegg reviews, the Sigma Shark 635 watt unit looks like it might fit the bill although I've never heard of the brand before and it does have a few bad reviews. I wish Cyperpower would offers some of the sub-$70 OCZ and BFG units that Newegg offers, since some of those look solid.

Edit: For reference, a similar build from Newegg with Windows 7 and a nice case/PSU combo (Antec Sonata III - comes with Antec's own 500 watt, which is solid but not overkill like the Corsair. Might be able to do better if you bought the case and PSU separate) comes to around $700, but then you need to build it yourself. And while I believe that learning how to build a PC is good, I'm always hesitant to recommend it to newbies unless they know someone who can teach them.

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