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I love Isana. She's the most endearing childhood friend character I have ever seen.

Originally Posted by drsypher View Post
I'd imagine that to be so. Something interesting to note as well is that if you look at his eyes closely in chapter 1 when he was looking at Saki's aura, you'll see that the symbol in his eye was the same as Merry's. It was pretty subtle, though.
Interesting. I never bothered to notice before.

Then the question remains how many Nightmares Yumeji has seen, because his ability to see auras was shown before he met Merry again. Also, while there was a flashback of Yumeji and Merry running toward the gate together as younger children, Merry was never shown to have the power to see other people's auras.

Also, I think Isana saw Merry when they were kids. Merry said that she has been in the real world for 10 years, and the manga started out with a kid Yumeji taking Merry through the gate.

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