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Originally Posted by Ryonea View Post
Ah, yes.. Unknown. I think she would be playable, since she was playable in the previous game. And pretty much all of the bosses are playable now except Azazel
The current Unknown is not worth it. She basically is Jun + some high damage boss class moves that would be unfair in regular vs competition, and if they take out her boss moves, she becomes Jun and we already have Jun. To make her playable, they would need to change her completely, and personally I think that if they were planning on doing that, it would have been one of the first things they showed.

Gon isn't going to be in the game, Harada already said that they aren't going to acquire his license this time around.

Personally, I feel that most of the upcoming characters are going to be guys that we haven't seen before. I would like another Jack, mainly because from the classic teams that people played in the old TTT, Jack + Jack is the only one missing.
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