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Originally Posted by Ryonea View Post
Same here, I kinda expected this will come, so that's why I bought the Hybrid Pack

Those Blood Vegeance extras are still a rumor, although the source is quite reliable, from 2ch.
About Shin... well, blame the people who flooded Harada's twitter wanting him to be added >_> he was clearly not a fighter. Although his case should be the same as Miharu's, just a mere palette swap.

That ripped clothes thingy only happen in Fight Lab mode IMO, it was seen on the fight lab demo video recorded at E3. Hopefully the combot can be "skinned" into a custom or existing character

As for Miharu and Forest, the hints are only these:
- the "forest law" name on one of the ending thumbnails
- Law's name is now written as "Marshall Law". (Look at the video when it mentions the team battle mode)
- The one running behind Xiaoyu in one of the ending thumbnails might be Miharu
Well you know Harada, he doesn't approve of DLC, so he's banking in on the disc buy, so you won't need to DLC. That's the best marketing strategy imho.

2ch is more reliable when it comes to gaming because alot of Japanese players are serious fighting gamers.

Shin made a pathetic impression not even flinching Heihachi, Miharu on the other case might have some skills off her own, not unless she's just another pallete swap of Ling Xiaoyu like they did in T4.

Ohh so Tekken is not going for the SC route shame. :P Well I also hope Combot can be indeed customize to look like another character, would be pretty funny to have Kuma's head and then Combot's body lol

Glad they're bringing in all the tekken cast, but no Dr. Bosgonovitch. P.Jack and Tesujin? Probably they'll be a surprise character

Originally Posted by xip View Post
I doubt that they would put the character creation in tekken, its a unique feature for Soul Calibur and best to keep it exclusive.

I CANT WAIT TO PLAY MY LILI/ASUKA TEAM! The new trailer made me so HYPE again for the game!

Well it's just wishful thinking. Not unless we barge Harada in Twitter for T7 to make our own character. If Shin made it in because of the Japanese fan request, then why not a create a character?
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