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According from what I gather in this thread, I'm going to expect either Masaoka or Kagari to die, given the feeling that the latter will show his heroic side when trying to save Kogami from danger and I'm thinking of Choe (Makishima's right hand man for those who didn't know) dying as well, even though it's gonna looks rushed as hell. Once the current three-episode arc will end, the next arc will have so many villains and twists to look for if Makishima doesn't die because :
- We might learn more about Yayoi aside from her flashback, but given that she may be hanging out Shion in episode 2 and the fact that the latter is hinting that she may be into violent and passionate stuff, it will be nice if the way she commit such acts might probably be influenced by Juliette by Marquis de Sade (though I haven't read it, I do heard it may be a controversial subject bought at the end of the 18th century) and my own view about "homosexuality is a crime against Sibyl" will be explained in details.
- We want to see the relationship hints between the Comissioner and Shougo.
- People's clear hue reasons will be told too.
- I'm really expecting Akane to make plans against the Sibyl System if needed, but at the same time she will more than likely be kidnapped by Shougo for "test subject" purposes. Even if she's able to escape against him, it will be impossible not to have her waiting for Shinya to save her as if she was the princess of the castle, leading it a epic fight between him and Shougo.
- We need to learn more about Kagari and Shion aside from being just behind the background, and it will be even better if they show some hints of their flashback.
- If Masaoka or Gino will be placed in danger and one will sacrifice himself in front of the other's eyes, expect Gino's getting seriously increased later on if Masaoka really dies but I don't know if he keeps his Inspector role yet.

They are many other speculations I'm expecting but I don't want to run off so much things, considering I liked on how the suspense was portrayed in this show.
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