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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Heh. I'm not really sure I'd have any OCs in here; if I did have a male OC, it'd be a combat controller who's stuck with teaching the 3rd year classes how to fight in groups and follow Ground Control Intercept orders.

And is perpetually nursing a headache at the antics of girls everywhere, until he's weary of everything.
Sounds like the kind of guy who needs to come join the IS: For Answer-verse. Canon Style just isn't militarized enough to go that far with their indoctrination. Over here? We got plenty of official "war zones", an exclusive "Mercs" only IS Arena, and an official IS battling league, so the ISA actually has to train prospective pilots to be more than just one woman prima donnas. After all, the act of acting alone on impulse might get you into things way over your head, and before know you it, you might be dead.

Mr. Controller might even get along well with a certain individual known simply as, "Coach", THE dreaded combat instructor of every first year.
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