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Wow, there are so many but I guess I'll give my top 5, and this will probably change since we still have almost an entire season to go.

#5) Number five I'm going to give to the ending of first season's episode 1; where it all began.

#4) Number four is starting when C.C. had her flashback because of V.V.'s trap in the finale until the ED song played. A great season finale.

#3) R2's first episode ending takes the #3 spot; we can see that a Lelouch ready to tear Britannia to the ground has returned.

#2) Number two is going to the ending of episode 23 starting at the phone call from Euphie's phone up until the ED. This was the finale for a long time up until 24,25 aired months later.

#1) Without a doubt goes to Euphemia's massacre. The most insane unpredictable accidental tragedy.

Keep in mind I loved all of Code Geass from the cat chase scene to the battles.
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