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Originally Posted by crisis View Post
Ranshe = Sheryl's Mom

Supporting Evidence
- They have the same hair style. ( )
Well, there's also the fact that the completely improbable name Ranshe is also part of RANka and SHEryl's name. Then again, MinMEI's name is also part of Ranshe Mei. That must mean Ranka, Sheryl and Minmei are really the triplicate avatar of the goddess Rooy Waka.

Also, the earrings that Sheryl thinks is a keepsake of her mother. Though we still don't know if she had them from before, or if Grace passed them on to her claiming to be a friend of her late mother to win her trust.

As for her hair, she could simply be styling it according to what she thinks her late mother looks like (if all her info is from Grace).

So, not _entirely_ baseless speculation, but still a long shot.

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