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Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
There's already a thread for Favorite Masked Character, and I'm going to hold off a bit before adding a thread for favorite male character. If you want, you can start giving me a list of characters to add to the latter.
Setsuna F Seiei/Soran Ibrahim
Lockon Stratos/Neil dylandy
Lockon Stratos/Lyle Dylandy
Allelujah Haptism
Hallelujah Haptism
Saji Crossroad
Tieria Erde
Lasse Aeon
Ian Vashti
Ribbons Almark
Graham Aker/Mr.Bushido
Billy Katagiri
Sergei Smirnov
Patrick Colasour
Ali Al-Saachez
Klaus Grado
Arba Lindt
Andrei Smirnov

EDIT:Oops.......I just realized that its supposed to be charcters from all the Gundam's not jsu 00 sorry about that.

then I nominate for Gundam 00:

Setsuna F Seiei/Soran Ibrahim
Lockon Stratos(both Neil and Lyle)
Allelujah Haptism
Tieria Erde
Ali Al-Saachez
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