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As far as music goes, to me something's memorable if it makes such an impression in my mind that I simply can't forget about it. Typically that kind of impression is a good one, though they can be not so good as well. Take, for example, Lucky Star's OP, "Motteke! Sailor Fuku". Even now hearing the song is pretty jarring to me at times simply because it's so high energy so it's hard for me to say that I really like it that much, but it's quite memorable nonetheless.
Well, I guess that's where our difference in opinion comes from. My definition of memorable in terms of music doesn't mean that it stay in my memory as an individual (those are just my likings and disliking), but that stays in people's memory, thinking of people in terms of a culture that transcends generations. As such, for me a culture's memory is something that can also be properly evaluated from the perspective of time. One cannot assert the impact of a music song if one's part of the impact boom, it can only be objective seen in retrospective how big that impact was in terms of the time, culture, the people, etc.

In my honest opinion it is during the new millennium that some of the most memorable OPs and EDs were introduced.
As I said, that is part because we are still part of the 2000's impact boom. As such, it is really difficult to objectively evaluate how big of an impact this songs are culturally making when we are still part of that culture, in that time. We are able to judge past pieces in a more fair assessment precisely because they have already passed the test of time. (For example, the people of the 90's might have discussed to death which was their favorite anime piece. However, as people who are already exiting the 2000's,even if there's disagreement whether it's the best, I think there would be no big discussion in that the most memorable and widely known (even outside of the otaku community) anime piece of the 90's is A cruel Angel Thesis.) Is there a single group of pieces from the 2000 that the community can precisely mark as those who will survive the test of time, and remain in people's memory for generations to come?

I mean, it would not be the first time for songs that were critically acclaimed in their time to be utterly forgotten later, and pieces who were promptly dismissed as run of the mill to receive universal appraisal in the forecoming generations. The first example would be Bach's Brandenburg's concerto's, which were writen for a contest as the director of a orchestra in Brandenburg. Bach works didn't made an impression in his time, he didn't even rank in that contest. However the Brandenburg concerto's are now one of the most widely performed works for violin enssembles. And no one remembers the people who won in that contest whatsoever.

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