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Here are some of my favorites.

Papermoon. By Tommy Heavenly6; 2nd opening for Soul Eater.
"I've always loved this song; the lyrics are awesome and are kinda pretty in a way."

Style. By Kana Nishino; 2nd ending for Soul Eater.
"This song is just too cute! ^o^"

Tori no Uta. By Lia; opening for AIR.
"Even time I hear this one it kinda making me teary, as this anime was the only one that really put me in tears. But it is such a pretty song."

Let Me Be With You. By ROUND TABLE featuring Nino; opening for Chobits.
"One word. Kawaii! ^-^"

Kaidoku Funou. By Jinn; 2nd opening for Code Geass.
"I adore this song! Code Geass has always been a huge love of mine and when I heard the song it made it bigger. It very up beat and makes you exctied."

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