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I was confused about the Ohsugi issue but it can all be sorted out by the ties...back in episode 5 Ohsugi was wearing a red tie, at the end of the episode as he's herfing outside the restaurant, a man in a suit similar to his stops to watch him...he has a green tie on...end of episode

Then in episode 6 on, the man we suppose to be Ohsugi has a green tie...put that with what others said, the phone being preset to the love advice forum, the guy couldnt really see what he was sending or writing with his hands behind his its altogether possible Ohsugi passed out, threw his bag and phone away in angsty huff or the rapist simply stole them before he was snatched up by Diana...

i would conclude the three illusions were the lifting of the rapist, the wings, and her blowing out the windows then being lifted out by helicopter...

great freakin series to put in that much detail...i would have never thought to match up ties before this episode...
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