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I was really enjoying the episode, up to the point they begun to discuss Diana's hate for "johnnies", I mean come on ... how can someone take such punchlines seriously. I couldn't stop laughing and utterly ruined the mood. It was a very Freudian way to put it, like some desperate psychology intern advising a gang-rape victim.

Anyway, though I ascribe to the whole illusion theory (given the account log and the helicopter), I still find it utterly pointless, Diana except some obsessive behavior towards "johnnies", was portrayed as rational and calculating and certainly not some joker who will set up useless theatrics for a chick she first saw.

Also I'm somewhat put of by this semi-feminist twist, it feels quite artificial or should I say ill-advised, which is a general trend with noitamina, the only series it really fitted in was Hataraki Man, IMHO.
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