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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
There was some maths done on the Madoka Wiki to determine that under the original system, human annihilation by Witches was a certainty, with the tipping point being when Witches grow in number faster than Magical Girls can kill them. After which the normal human population would collapse from the exploding Witch population killing people, and the planet becomes empty of all life but Witches soon after.

And since QB's mission is to make as many Witches from Magical Girls as possible, as that's where he gets his energy from, he is making extinction happen the better he is doing his job. Made worse by the fact that he doesn't even try to prevent causing human extinction at all.
Interesting...if you have the link I'd like to see this equation you speak of...

p.s. involuntary sacrifice is not sacrifice, it's murder. And I think I have seen what kind of person you are to think you would want "involuntary sacrifices".
I had chicken for lunch today. The chicken was not sacrificed, It was killed. It died because I want to eat.

"Sacrifice" applies only to volunteers.
Yes that is every much true I shouldn't have over looked that detail but I don't think the uses of a chicken as the analogy would applies here the chicken is just livestock it's not on the same level of intelligences as me so why should feel bad for eating it?
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