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Even if a person had that potential, the system would turn them into a Witch to balance out the wish. The reason Madoka escapes this fate is specifically because of her wish, causing her to destroy her Witch form and thus create a paradox that erases her from corporeal existence.

To keep this on topic, the new system actually increases the positive morality of the relations between Humans and Incubators. In the old system, Kyubey had to manipulate information to get what he wanted, but in the new system he has no need for such things. He can be totally forthcoming with every aspect of the system and still find girls willing to contract. In fact, he probably does, if you think about what Mami tells Kyoko after Sayaka disappears.

Clearly he shows that if he had the chance to use the old system again, he would, but he's not entirely dissatisfied with the new system either. Since he has no memory of what the old system was like, and it's impossible to prove Homura's story, he pretty much has to suck it up and deal with what he's got.
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