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Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
Astray isn't in SEED HD, not everyone cares for the non-Anime stuff. The fact of the matter is that the series poorly explained how Kira survived(by not explaining at all) and had to use a side story to fill in such an important blank. A side story almost all western viewers have not even heard of nor care for.
More importantly, because of Sunrise's policy of "only animated works are considered canon" when it comes to Gundam, as well as not written by Fukuda, Morosawa, or anyone on the Seed/GSD writing staff, the Astray mangas are, at best, relegated to "secondary canon".

Speaking of which, is this the proper canon level, with the newer works taking higher priority:
  • Primary: Seed (original/HD), Seed Destiny, GSD Final Plus
  • Sub-Primary: The TV Movies of Seed and GSD, Stargazer
  • Secondary: The Astray mangas
  • Tertiary: Seed/GSD manga adaptations, GSD: The Edge, Suit CDs
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