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Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
The Impulse as well since it at least was up to date while the Freedom had been resting in a hangar for years on end and still used old tech.
lol no..

Originally Posted by Washu-Chan View Post
Do you think that the Shinn-Kira duel is still not finished?

The final duel could have been Destiny vs. SFreedom, and Legend vs. IJustice and Akatsuki.

I know that Shinn defeated Kira in their first encounter, and the second encounter at Orb probably ended in a draw. Kira would still win round 3, but it wouldn't be a flawless victory, and both suits would be heavily damaged.

The way I see it, Luna would get involved, but after she gets Savioured by Kira, Shinn would be motivated even more.
Shinn VS Athuren was better, because they actually knew each other. The Kira vs Shinn thing was a little too one sided, it never really took off.

Originally Posted by kakakka View Post
Sadly, no side-story people gets to animated series.
It really is sad. The side stories have a ton of great characters and interesting plot elements that could have been used, for instance, as sub plots to make secondary characters like Kira and Lacus more interesting.

Imagine if those comic relief characters from the Seiran family were replaced by the more ambitious and relevant characters from the Sahaku family.. It would have made Destiny so much better.

Originally Posted by monster View Post
Yeah, I believe one of the SEED/Destiny OP/ED singer was offered a role to be Shiho's voice, but she declined or something.
Nami Tamaki.. It's kind of weird that she declined.. Her career took off because of Seed. (She was a contestant in a star search competition by Sony music and the winner got to sing the third opening song for Seed)

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