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Originally Posted by xizro345 View Post
Except that they were names given by the creators. And should remain as is.
Again, I point out Pokemon as an example. You're going to be very hard-pressed to find people who give a fuck about this kind of thing.

Not to mention, NISA blatantly lied regarding Pishe's name (not linking her to the PC Engine) and Pururut's name (she references the Megadrive, not the non-exsistant Pluto). Why change Copyliace to Copypaste? It's not even related to the character at all, since the description given even in the official material is misleading. Even Anonedeath got changed to Anonydeath, I suppose to enhance his "odd" behavior, but there was no need to do so. I don't see legitimate reasons to change the names.
I admit I haven't been following this game nearly as closely as you apparently are. Only Pururut's name is familiar to me and I didn't even think it was a reference to anything, and I imagine most don't really care about the name change regardless cause it's not a big deal.

That doesn't mean you can make arbitrarily jokes that even change the behavior of the characters (references to Neptune being chubby in the first game - non existant - or the whole enhancing the dialogue of Trick The Hard).
Changing the character's behavior huh? I think it's pretty safe to say the characters act pretty damn close to how they were intended to behave so I'll have to disagree. Neptune's still a genki girl and CFU Trick is still a lolicon even with the localization, so I have no idea what you're talking about.
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