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Why? Its not like the game is set in any real-world location so why are the characters obliged to act like they were intended to as long as the general personality of their character remains the same? If you ask me, expecting them to not be slightly changed is even more absurd when they're trying to appeal to North Americans. Not Japanese.
But, as Klashikari showed, they do not retain their features. And the game has not been made to appeal to NA people, despite Idea Factory's intention to sell it overseas (as per financial results). Hence something will be lost no matter how one tries.
In fact, I think NISA dug its own hole with the treatment of Neptune, in light of certain events that happen in V. It would be very difficult to keep the image they created.

Even I don't know what the hell 'Warechuu" is a reference to unless it's a reference to hardware and software in general. Honestly I like Pirachu more because it's a reference to a franchise me and most North Americans are very familiar with, making it more endearing. If you find it insulting then you're in an incredibly small minority.
Is that difficult to let the players decide themselves? I think not. NISA also instead of trying to stick with its decision makes up extremely odd excuses, and has been doing this more than once. As I mentioned, they changed Pururut to Plutia, but instead of saying the localizing reasons, they fabricated a lie in which Pururut represents a project SEGA never had and that was never mentioned, Pluto.
On top of that, they also kick the people that want a dub in the nuts, promising a dub that covers the same amount of mk2 lines, but V's script is double in size...
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