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Originally Posted by SilverSyko View Post
Neptune's still an air-headed genki girl and Trick's still a lolicon like they were intended to be. I don't know how many times I have to say that. Even if they show it differently from the Japanese version they still have the same general personality. That's perfectly okay as they're not completely different characters anymore.

And the game was made for a Japanese audience sure, but it's being localized to a North American audience, so it's the localizers' job to make sure it can appeal to North Americans with as subtle edits as possible.
The problem is that the "subtle" localization is as smooth as a sledgehammer. Really, the changes in term of speeches and terms used is quite numerous and often nonsensical.

Do you actually see non US english native stories/movies with their characters changed to match your usual joe who needs a beer, BBQ and the F word every 5 seconds?
I find extremely odd and exaggerated to think that cussing is actually "appealing" the NA audience: it surely put the audience in a cliche that many would definitely not enjoy, moreso those who are versed in anime stuff.

And for some reason, other localization of very "japanese" game do not have such treatment even for US releases: you don't see FF games with that kind of stuff, right?

Really, while the "flavor" change might please "some people" in getting characters in a very non subtle way, I sincerely have hard time to believe that such treatment would make the game more suitable for NA public.

Also, no, some speech pattern obviously lead to differences and perceptions of a given character to a certain degree. Really, having a character talking all the time about food and using 5 years old joke give a -much more- juvenile and dumb image than if the speech was moderately normal, but in a hyper way.
Overal personality cannot be exactly considered the same when interests and actions are shown in a very different light. That's like having K-on heroines talking about boys instead of cakes.
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