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Hunter x Hunter (1999)

Yeah I know this is ooooooooold news... but I can't help it, this series is too good to let it go without any of my famous comments

So well by now in 21 years of living history I have seen 5 good action/adventure animes worth watching:

1: Saint Seiya.

2. Berserk.

3. Naruto.

4. Dragon Ball

and 5. Hunter x Hunter.

I started downloading this anime because of the spontaneous comments that I frequently read in this forum about the show. And well, once I started downloading the first 5 episodes I knew that the author of this series cares about the story line a lot. Although, the beginning of the series is rather slow it will increasingly start picking up. The importance of this steady but increasing progress in the story line is what makes this anime an instant classic. I must say that Hunter X Hunter has the best and most developed story line in any anime that I've ever seen. This anime has an interesting way of revealing itself as it moves on. It focuses strongly in character development taking it to another level. The viewer gets to know each of the characters presented along the story, even a temporary character whose time lap in the story line is bound to be no more than 3 minutes is given at least an opportunity to show the way he perceives and react towards his situation. This is an element that Saint Seiya has also accomplished. Deep character development is a VERY important asset for the success of an anime because once the viewer is given the insides of each character he is also given the sensation that there is a human touch in every one of them, which ultimately creates a surprising strong bond between the character and the viewer. That is why I became a Saint Seiya freak and let me tell that Hunter x Hunter is not too far away from making that same effect in me (Including Berserk).

But Deep Character development is not all that Hunter X Hunter has to offer, There is are also many new and innovative concepts that are quite fascinating.

1. The concept of being a Hunter. (This is most relevant new concept. I don't want to spoil anything but you get to realise what a real Hunter is once you get the end of the series)

2. The Nen concept. (If there is a power force called Cosmos in Saint Seiya, Ki for Dragon Ball, and Chakra for Naruto well there is a power force called Nen for Hunter x Hunter. But let me tell you that this is a very interesting concept that is much more complex than chakra, ki or cosmos)

3. The analytic concept. (Remember Kakashi explaining carefully to his clueless students what chakra is ?, or do you remember Detective Conan solving a mysterious case? Well HxH goes beyond that point. It is a thoughtful anime)

In other words, if this new stuff doesn't attract you then once you get to know cool characters, such as Kilua, Hisoka, Kuraprika, or Kilua's Brother you will be totally attached to the series and I can guarantee that

I hope that by reading this post you will feel more motivated to try this splendid anime

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