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Originally Posted by JAppi
Actually I think you are wrong Massugu Ni Ikou is much better, or Rose of Versailles.

But Imo the best action series ever is Kokoro Library. That show is packed with action packed battles. I can't believe that such an amazing anime has been created! Oh god just download it right now, you'll thank me.
1st bold: Dear god no, I can't stand those blinding eyes. At least HunterxHunter doesn't have that. I can give it that much credit.

2nd bold: Librarians with Submachine guns?! I MUST HAVE IT.

I watched HunterxHunter. It looked like a crapified VoH, I mean.. come on. Its the usual " I kill your parents, you become my friend, then you find out later, and.... yeah." Thats sick.

Originally Posted by The Naruto/whatever addict
1: Saint Seiya.

2. Berserk.

3. Naruto.

4. Dragon Ball

and 5. Hunter x Hunter.
"You! Invaders! Come get the hot bullets of shotgun to die!"
Erm, this is why people don't take your opinion so seriously. You listed every (At least) 3 average animes, and HxH i'd count too, making 4, never seen SS.
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