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Several things:

1. Hunter X Hunter is really good and a bit better than the average fighting shonen.

2. Another good fighting shonen anime is Yu Yu Hakusho, which just happens to be by the same creator as Hunter X Hunter (t was made before). Flame of Recca is okay, but it gets very dull at parts (it's kind of a guilty pleasure I suppose).

3. Some of the better anime in Japan is not all that popular. Do we really need so many harem animes? How about another season of Berserk? Oh wait, it didn't get good enough ratings for that. And where's my new Narutaru?

4. The popular anime shows in Japan are not all that great. What's on top right now? That 300 billion episode detective show with that little kid... Detective Conan whatever? Oh, and of course, the good old pirate fighter One Piece. These shows more or less kinda suck.

5. I hate Rose of Versailles.
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