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I'm wondering if there are any sites that sell Jpop la iTunes. In other words, songs sold PER TRACK, for legal download, at an affordable price comparable to iTunes's 99 cents.

The more popular Japanese singers such as Hamasaki Ayumi are available on iTunes. However, many anime singers (e.g. Sakamoto Maaya, Lia) are NOT. It would appear that iTunes only sells songs that are on CDs in the American market.

So, I'm wondering if there's such a thing as iTunes for Japan? Of course, the site has to allow people from outside Japan to buy the tracks!
You can buy songs at iTunes Japanese store, but you need to buy a Japanese iTunes gift cards. There are two sites that I know that sells it: first one is and second one is Instructions how to load the gift cards can be found at

Songs can be purchased at 150 or 200 Yen a song. Most of them in 200 range. Not all labels are listed in iTunes like Sony. Finding the songs that you like can be a pain. Many titles are listed in Japanese, although a significant number of titles/artists have English labeling.
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