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Originally Posted by Hellychan View Post
For ef - a tale of melodies:

You can try to make a search for the other titles you're looking for (I've tried but no result, maybe if you search with the singer's name, it would be more effective, but as I don't know about their name except for Elisa )

I usually order my CDs from there, it's quite reliable (and not so expensive, since the shipping is free when you reach minimum $39, even if the listed price is a little bit higher than, let's say, cdjapan, all in all, yesasia is still cheaper )
I've actually looked for all the other ones on that site, and couldn't find them. Thanks for the help with the ef-one, though.
And just a random observation: They have the first ending-single listed as "Eigo no Chikara". Doesn't that translate to like, "The Power of English"? Rather funny misspelling there...

Oh, and for the record, the Clannad After Story opening is performed by Lia.

By the way, free shipping for stuff that costs over 39$ is rather useless to me,
Spoiler for Explaination, tagged because I assume that no one really cares:

...Oh, I just found out that HimeyaShop seems to have all the soundtracks, though the price seems a bit higher than I had hoped for... So the only thing I still can't find at all is the Toki wo Kizamu Uta-single, but I'd still like to know if there's anywhere that sells all those soundtracks at a slightly lower price...
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