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Yo, I'm been stalking this board for a while, reading and I was thinking, did Kanon really die? What if Beatrice mean't Kanon death as in, his death as a furniture. That he is not furniture anymore, and he's using his real alias, like when he declared in episode 1, after shanons death, but instead for Jessica who did protect kanon, the culprit could be a servant, Gohda or so. This won't break the 17 people rule, he's the only one who can claim his name. Maybe, perhaps he disappeared because the servants are in league in a way with Rosa, and just wanted revenge or so. Since no one looks like kanon unless you want the Kanon=Shannon theory. Than after the killing, Kanon commited suicide, or something, or that he might still be killing. Although I haven't finished reading episode 2 and 3......
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